The Tűzvédelmi Szakértői Iroda Kft. (Fire Protection Expert Office Ltd.) is a company with a history of decades, since 1 January 2018 we have two co-owners.

Our headquarters are in the South Buda region, but our operating area covers the whole country.


  • TUO – Built-in fire extinguisher design
  • TUÉ – Construction fire protection design
  • SZKV-1.1. – Waste management expert
  • SZKV-1.2. – Air Quality Protection Expert
  • SZKV-1.3. – Water and geological medium protection expert
  • SZKV-1.4. – Noise and vibration protection expert
  • Technical leader in explosion safety technology

With the help of our colleagues, we undertake to carry out complex activities beyond the above-mentioned areas.